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UPDATE 02/02/2012: War Machine is schedule to enter jail in Las Vegas for 1 year for an undisclosed previous infraction. If he decides to post new blogs we will publish them here. We wish War Machine luck in the coming year and hope he is able to continue in his career with no further issues.

War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver  is a Professional MMA Fighter, this blog is a fan page redistributing his blogs from his blog sites. He is currently serving a sentence which will be finished in the coming months. It was copied from a previous site with the same layout and pictures etc. If you built the original and would like me to change this one I will. This blog will be turned over to War Machine in the event he want’s it. This site is in no way affiliated with War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver , UFC, or any other entities. Presently I have no contact with War Machine or anyone associated with War Machine.

You may contact War Machine here:

We will post his new contact info as soon as it is available. 


Week 50- FInal week

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Friday, July 8, 2011

 One more week and I’m outta here! It’s a trip, I can’t believe I’ve been in jail for a YEAR! It’s gonna be so nice to eat REAL food and train for REAL. Continue reading ‘Week 50- FInal week’

Week 49

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Monday, July 4, 2011

My last 2 weeks! Fuck yeah! Fuck this place! So that MRSA/abscess in my armpit got worse and since the faggot medical department didn’t call me in yet, a cool cop took me in. They started me on antibiotics but didn’t lance the fucking thing cuz they were “too busy.” Said they’ll do it in a few days, WTF!? MRSA can seriously fuck you up if it gets into your blood or bones, fucking people can die from it! Continue reading ‘Week 49’

Week 48

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June 24th, 2011

My sports agent came to see me this week so that we can get on the same page for my comeback. It was nice to see him. Man, it’s getting closer and closer, really can’t wait! Also this one retard, that called me out months ago at the old jail and then bitched out, is here in the hole now. He saw me/recognized me and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna shit bomb me… FUCK! I’ve shit bombed people before, even had one detonate on myself, but have never been bombed. Continue reading ‘Week 48’

Week 47

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June 17th, 2011

So I knew my 1 year wedding anniversary was this month but unsure of the exact day! LOL! Before you crucify me, it wasn’t our “real a.k.a. big wedding.” We had to do a quick Vegas deal, cuz I was going to jail for a year a month later, and we had her immigration issues, so yeah! We still have to have a nice wedding so that’ll be our real anniversary I guess. ANYWAY, turned out to be 4 days ago, so I missed it! Continue reading ‘Week 47’

Week 46

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June 10th, 2011

I’m in pretty good shape now, given my circumstances, but doing the same shit over and over again wears on you. Sucks though cuz options are limited when you’re stuck in a cell 24/7. Just need to keep at it another month until I get out so I can hit the gym and be ready to fight ASAP!! I heard BAMMA is having a show on Sept. 10th and I really want on it! That’s only 10 weeks of real training after 12 months of nothing but I’m confident that I’ll bounce back quick and be able to beat some ass by Sept. 10th! Fuck! I hope I can get on that card! And once I’m in shape and got my 1st fight back out of the way, I’m gonna keep on scrappin’ non-stop so promoters EVERYWHERE  need to throw fights at me non-stop! Fuck fighting a few times/year – I’m gonna do a Jeremy Horn and fight all the time. Continue reading ‘Week 46’

Week 45

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June 2nd, 2011

Oh shiiitt! It’s June! Can’t fucking believe I’ve been in this shit hole 11 months!! July 15th I’m free! Hell yeah! I’ve been getting in pretty good shape too. Hopefully the transition back to real training will be smooth, can’t wait to fight! OMG! My fingers ache from trying to finish a rough draft of my book by my release. Fuck pencils/paper! I wish I had my MacBook! Once I’m free I’m gonna clean it up nice and try to get it published. I think it will do well, I’ve read several NY Times Best Selling Auto-Bios and wasn’t too impressed. I have done A LOT and learned A LOT. Continue reading ‘Week 45’

Week 44

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May 26th, 2011

Kinda bummed out right now, 2 guys here got sentenced to life in prison this week. Shitty thing is these 2 guys are super cheerful, giving, and just fuckin’ nice guys! It’s fucking crazy to think that the system is so out of order, that it can justify putting people in prison for life, especially people like these 2. I have met almost a hundred men in this year that got sentenced to life and I’ll tell you what, maybe 2 of them deserved it. Yeah, OBVIOUSLY they all broke “the law” and “struck out” with 3 strikes but WTF!? This isn’t baseball, a game, this is human life! People don’t understand how easy it is to get a “strike.” I think everyone assumes that you have to commit 3 heinous acts, but that isn’t so. For example, in my bar fight, I hit a bouncer, and he sustained a bloody lip. The DA offered me a deal where if I accepted it, I’d get 1 year (with half-time) and 1 strike. For someone with less foresight sounds all right, shit I’d have been home 4 months ago. Continue reading ‘Week 44’